Farm to Market: Robert Pruitt, Chris Sauter, Allison Wiese

About Farm to Market: Robert Pruitt, Chris Sauter, Allison Wiese

Robert Pruitt uses found objects and materials—Norman Rockwell prints, crack vials, hair extensions—to question the perceived gap between suburban and urban culture. Through insertions, deletions, and juxtapositions, he rewrites traditional notions of our past and present landscape.

For more information on Robert Pruitt, see his artist page.

Chris Sauter is known for reconfiguring suburban furniture into landscapes (a recliner turned mountain) and excising galleries to create ghostly Americana (dry wall turned farmer’s plow). Sauter explores the relationship between nature and culture— two realms often locked into rural and urban domains.

For more information on Chris Sauter, see his artist page.

Allison Wiese inserts elements traditionally associated with country living into metropolitan spaces. She has built an old-fashioned portico onto the façade of a modernist building and brought a flock of sheep to graze in the city. Wiese’s works propose that rural and urban, often seen as opposing, have essential common denominators and are closer than frequently believed.