Inaugural Performing Artist Resident Amalia Ortiz performs Litany for the Fruits of the Land: A Redemptive Rembrance in the Hudson Showroom, Feb 2018. Photo credit Artpace staff.

Performing Artist Residency

Each Spring, Summer, and Fall Artpace selects one San Antonio-based performing artist for a residency. Launched in Spring 2018, the program provides resources to local performing artists and generates new audiences for the work created by our artists-in-residence. The performing artist will conduct a seasonal residency at Artpace to coincide with our International Artist-in-Residence program, and will be provided with exhibition space and a project budget. The residencies are designed to align with our Spring, Summer, and Fall artist-in-residence cycles to enable the performing artists to engage with our visual artists-in-residence and engage audiences with the work in dynamic ways. When the visual artists have completed their residency, the performing artist will activate the visual artists’ exhibition spaces by producing a minimum of four performances that relate to the work. The performing artists are encouraged to work with collaborators, build on existing work, and experiment with new ideas.

Current Resident

Amalia Ortiz, Spring 2018