Spring 2018 Hudson Showroom

1718-1767 (Common Currents)

  • Spring 2018 Hudson Showroom
  • Exhibition Dates: Jan 18,2018 - Mar 04,2018
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    In celebration of San Antonio’s Tricentennial year, six downtown artist-centric organizations: Artpace San Antonio, Blue Star Contemporary, Carver Community Cultural Center, the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, the Mexican Cultural Institute, and the Southwest School of Art, will partnerRead more

About the exhibition

Common Currents is a diverse showcase of San Antonio’s history as told by 300 local artists at 6 art-centric venues. Drawing on the connections that run through San Antonio’s vibrant creative community, each of the organizing partners began by inviting two artists. These initial artists were then asked to invite two peer artists until more than 300 were amassed. All of the participating artists are assigned one year of San Antonio’s history to reflect on in the development of their work for Common Currents. This exhibition is presented chronologically through a variety of contemporary media. More information on Common Currents is at commoncurrents.org.

Artpace San Antonio hosts artists responding to San Antonio’s first 50 years (1718-1768).

Artists By Year

1718 Mark Menjivar
1719 Julie Ledet
1720 Charles Harrison Pompa
1721 Kathleen Baker Pittman
1722 William Zwartjes
1723 John Tyson
1724 Michele Monseau
1725 Paul Soupiset
1726 Cody Vance
1727 Mira Hnatyshyn
1728 Christopher Martinez
1729 Mari Hernandez
1730 Ervin Raska
1731 Henry Cardenas
1732 Laura Mijangos
1733 Kathrine Maple
1734 Chelsea Peacock
1735 Joseph Erik Montano
1736 Arturo Infante Almeida
1737 Jennifer Datchuk
1738 Andrew Leo Stansbury
1739 Carrie Edelmann Avery
1740 Clay McClure
1741 Gissette Padilla
1742 Jeremiah Teutsch
1743 Ray Whitehouse
1745 Joe Vega
1746 Karen Mahaffy
1747 Tyler Rutherford
1748 Connie Swann
1749 Joe Harjo
1750 Katie Pell
1751 Noël Bella Merriam
1752 Francesca Simonite
1753 Raul Gonzalez
1754 Samuel Morales Urbina
1756 Laura Varela
1757 Shannon Gowen
1758 Jenn Rodriguez
1759 Rhys Munro
1760 Jason Kirkland
1761 Samuel Velasquez
1762 Georgia Zwartjes
1763 Catherine Cisneros
1764 Joseph Duarte
1765 Cynthia Yee
1766 Casey Galloway
1767 Ramin Samandari